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g2a If you want to use the G2A Pay services provided by G2A.COM Limited (hereinafter referred to as "G2A Pay Service Provider") for shopping on our website, G2A.COM Limited will initially assume responsibility for your purchases before the goods are delivered to you. As part of our assistance, G2A Pay is responsible for the primary responsibility for payment and for payment-related customer service. Conditions between the G2A Pay Service Provider and the Customer using the G2A Pay Services are determined by separate agreements and are not subject to the terms stated on this website.

For customers who make purchases through the G2A Pay Service Provider's payment service: (1) G2A Pay's data protection instructions apply to all payments and should be read prior to the start of the purchase; (2) G2A Pay's instructions to return the price On all payments, unless the seller informs customers in advance and clearly what is otherwise. In addition, the purchase of certain products may require the customer's approval of one or more end-user license agreements ("EULAs"). These agreements may contain additional terms specified by the supplier, not us or a G2A Pay service provider. You are bound by all End User License Agreements you agree to.

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The game of Tartar war is just a game of entertainment and entertainment time and not to cause problems between people or differences or departure from the public literature to us as Muslims will be fully accountable with anyone who violates the following conditions:
1. No player may be threatened with any method and whoever threatens any player will receive a 24-hour ban
2- It is prohibited to attribute it to religion, race or forms of racism, and whoever carries out the crime shall be punished by a ban from 12 hours to 72 hours at the discretion of the administration.
3 - Prohibited publication or publicity to any other sites through our site by sending messages or written description and who does so is blocked permanently
4- A person who exploits a line by playing for him against the players and not informing the management to solve the problem, the player is suspended from 72 hours to permanent suspension according to the case
5 - is forbidden multiple membership Any one person has more than two members and will be banned length of the server any player trying to send resources from the membership of the intervention on the same device or send the strengthening of the membership of the intervention of the same device because it is considered a defensive member
6. Any player who is alleged to be working in the administration of the Tartar War shall be punished by a final ban

Rights of each player: 1- The player has the right to receive continuous support and to respond to his problems and his inquiries through the staff of the tool and respond to the problem in a maximum period of 24 hours
2 - The player has the right to compensation if the damage caused by the mistakes of the game

The rules of financial transactions and the purchase of gold: -

As we know that in the war of the Tatars there is financial transactions is the purchase of the willing players for the gold of the game to give him more powers of the game and since there are financial transactions must be governed by laws: 1 - In the case of buying the gold player has not reached him the Department's correspondence with the number of purchasing process, which did not reach him until it is confirmed through the administration
2 - The player is not entitled to request the return of the money in which he bought the gold and has reached gold without problems or differences

The administration has the right to play by changing these laws at any time or adding them. Once you register at the site of the Tartar war, this will be followed by the approval of these laws